JW Collective has an individual and uniquely objective approach to design and

developing a master plan for each client. The approach stems from vast and

extensive industry experience.

JW Collective is passionate about the design process and is meticulous in all

aspects of research, development and planning in understanding a client’s needs.

Whilst working closely with the client, designs are produced which bring to life

the uniform concept prior to sampling.

Our team offers creative solutions and innovative design ideas throughout this


Designs include head to toe visuals which integrate accessories including

headwear, hosiery, scarves & ties, sportswear, schoolbags and others.


The sampling of a range is established in conjunction with the broader client

brief which takes into consideration the key factors of 1) Deadlines – when the

final uniforms are required 2) Any manufacturing requirements – domestic and

international 3) Quality assurance – ensuring premium finished product.

In the sampling process the client is able to preview lab dips and fabric hand

looms and provide final sign off on a sample range.


JW Collective collaborates with selected and diverse manufacturers who specialize

in their field to produce high quality garments and accessories in a responsible and ethical manner.

The manufacturers are cognisant of the high expectations of JW Collective and

give careful consideration in delivering achievable price points without

compromising quality production. JW Collective facilitates a regular and consistent supply chain with the

manufacturer to ensure seamless future supply.